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We have been producing Mathbirk linking machines for over 50 years now.


These machines are high quality, precision engineered and built to last a very long time. Some of our machines built and sold in Nottinghamshire, England have travelled the world and even now they are still working effortlessly in countries like China, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, but now also in Bangladesh. We are proud of our technology and we believe that they will continue to work on for many years to come.


Since the early days of the knitwear trade in the UK, Mathbirk International Ltd have been supplying the need for fast and accurate linking on fully-fashioned and cut-and-sew knitted garments. The transfer of skill to operatives, fast change of gauge, and mechanical skills are quickly learned. This greatly reduces the need for any expensive technician visits!

Low maintenance requirement ensures high production levels and will delight production managers too.


The decline of knitwear production in the UK and Europe has been dramatic but the demand for our linking technology is still relevant for existing and our new customers around the world.

We now sell and support the Mathbirk brand actively in the Far East, Eastern Europe and the rapidly expanding market of Bangladesh. We will always maintain our values for product build excellence and development.

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